We Believe

Humanity still has a chance to evolve & create a sustainable, beautiful peaceful world.
We believe it’s our duty to leave the world in good condition for our children.
We believe every single person can make the change in that direction.

We Design

The leading edge of LIght and Foldable Electric Scooters.
with a range that caters for our riders different needs:
power & distance VRS light weight & compactness.

Our iconic designs stand out
in a variety of original colors.

We Produce

In the highest standards and our
products reach outstanding performance.


MYWAY started as a garage project in 2009.
An award winning designer, Nimrod Sapir, set about finding
solutions to the challenge of commuting from A to B with
minimal time and effort, while reducing the carbon footprint of
car-use in urban environments.


2011 MYWAY QUICK was released by the MYWAY Company and was the first Light Weight Quick folding electric scooter, all made of Aluminum with a brushless motor and lithium ion battery.
2013 mass production began with an improved QUICK model, called QUICK -1. The product had phenomenal success and was targeted by many new companies seeking to copy it.
2015 NOKIM released the LIGHT model, which was lighter and faster to fold, and addressed a new section of the market, opening the door to new users.
2017 The MINI model was released; weighing only 8.5kg, it has the option of being carried as a trolley when folded.
2018 We released the OX model, which is the most powerful, longest distance range model, and has suspension for even higher riding quality and performance.

Perfection in Progress

Almost every year, each product is upgraded and released as a new model.